‘Iratta’ Joju George’s impressive performance as twin police officers

On Joju George’s Wikipedia page, under Awards and Nominations, the rightmost column is filled with green. It’s all about the word “won.” Joju has won 11 of the totals of 15 awards. These include the National Award, the State Award, the Film Fare Award, and the Film Critics Award. He got four nominations. This is a list of accolades for someone who started as a junior artist in 1995, played minor roles for years, and finally became a leading man barely a decade ago. Joju’s stature as an actor is a testament to his talent, something that perhaps none of Joju’s contemporaries could claim. It is through such awards that the Joju actor is recognized more than commercial success. He would surely want his films to do well in the theatres. But beyond that, Joju’s ultimate goal is for the actor in him to sign his own signature, and he succeeds in that. It is his dedication to it that makes Joju different from others. Joju doesn’t think about anything else when he pours his heart and soul into the character.

His latest release, ‘Iratta,’ is the pinnacle of that. Joju’s version is not one, but two people who are the same but different from each other in character. If you look at Joju’s filmography, there is yet another interesting thing. He has done more Police roles in his career other than any other roles. Neither Commissioner nor DGP. Ordinary policemen we are familiar with. Those who are familiar to us in the stations of the country. But every police role is different for Joju. Not like Minimon, Joseph. Unlike Joseph, Manion, and Solomon Pramod, the iratta is not like anyone else. Why? Even Pramod’s twin brother Vinod does not like him. Each is completely different. Joju’s body language is different for each police character. Minimon’s look at Lockup is not Joseph’s downcast look. It is not the emotions on Maniyan’s face that make him look “arrogant.”

A common saying among us is that all policemen are the same. But Joju’s cops all have different identities. Joju can easily achieve the normality of such policemen because he was brought up by ordinary people. The difference between Pramod and Vinod in Iratta is only apparent in the teeth. But you have to watch the movie to know how they differ in subtle ways. When playing double roles, the actor often has some leeway with the help of technique and makeup. There are not many double roles in Malayalam cinema. This is where Joju Iratta’s roles are immortalized in a wonderful way. Both have very different mannerisms and body language. Makeup is only useful on the teeth.

Once again, Joju proves that no one can play the role of ordinary cops who are not at the extreme end of the hierarchy as beautifully as him. It may be because it is not boring or because it does not create repetition, but it can simply be said that the police roles keep coming in search of Joju. But the real fact is that no one else can give that character the brilliance and distinction that he brings. Joju is making a sincere effort to make a difference in his look, manner of walking, and conversational style. The character of the policemen can be recognized immediately in their eyes.

Each of Joju’s police characters’ eyes move in different ways. What is sought in them are the gulfs of that character. Joju’s next release is Pulimada. Joju has the role of Vincent as a police officer. But Vincent of Pulimada will not be a twin of twins. It is a very different person. Although the Joju actor is recognized by awards, theater success is said to be the measure of audience popularity. So, catch Joju in Iratta at the theaters. Realize how he makes us wonder and cry again with a cop.

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