“Iratta” tops the list of films in 12 countries on Netflix

Joju George is making an impact in OTT as well, following the huge theatrical hit of “Iratta,” in which he performed a double role for the first time. The emotional thriller movie “Iratta” has remained in the top ten list internationally ever since its premiere on the online streaming service Netflix. With its OTT distribution, this Malayalam film has drawn viewers from all around India. The movie has been seen throughout Kerala and India and is becoming more and more well-liked abroad.

“Iratta,” which is currently ranked second in India, is third in Sri Lanka, fourth in Bangladesh, and fifth in the GCC. Top ten in Malaysia, ninth in Mali, and Singapore.

After seeing the movie, filmmakers from Bollywood and South India called Joju and conveyed their appreciation. Not only that, but the film’s translations into other languages have also seen widespread distribution. The audience is impressed by Joju’s outstanding performance in the film. The film’s conclusion, suspenseful sequences, shocking turn of events, and outstanding performance by Jojo are the main highlights of the film.

The movie is neither a police story nor a police station that the audience has previously seen, which is another distinguishing factor. By portraying the emotional trauma of a kind and loving moral person who is travelling on an immoral path in the depths of loneliness, actor Joju George has become a favourite of the pan-Indian public. The movie, which was directed by Rohit MG Krishnan, released in theatres on February 3.

The twin brothers Vinod and Pramod are the characters of the movie. Produced by Martin Prakkat Films, Sijo Vadakan, and Joju George under the banner of Appu Pathu Pappu Productions, this thriller has a lot of suspense built into it. The great emotional thriller “Iratta” skillfully directs the mysterious depths of the human psyche while still retaining the suspense of an investigative thriller.


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