Jacqueline Fernandez owes her sleek hair to this sudden natural factor

When it involves skincare and haircare, Jacqueline Fernandez makes certain to raid her pantry for the satisfactory consequences. She famously favours honey as a herbal lip balm, and provides yoghurt to the aggregate to make a nourishing face masks, even using beer as a rinse for greasy hair. But her favourite haircare recipe makes use of an ingredient you wouldn’t suppose to apply: eggs. “An egg white masks for the hair,” is her pass-to haircare secret. “My hair is my maximum crucial asset. It is in part genetic however I do take care of it and am proud that it is in top notch circumstance,” she shared lower back in 2011. Now that she likes blow-dried patterns and huge ’90s hair, looking after her strands is extra crucial than ever.

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The yolk and whites have completely exclusive properties, so eggs paintings for all skin and hair types. Egg whites comprise collagen and proteins which can tone and tighten the skin. They also have astringent residences and may be used to smooth out clogged pores on the face and scalp as well. On the other hand, the yolk is chock full of Vitamins A, B and C in addition to zinc, so it is a nourishing upload-on for your ordinary.

It may be messy, so doing it inside the shower or over the sink is first-rate, because the ensuing masks may be runny (with a robust odor too). Want to get the equal brightening and strengthening benefits that Fernandez finds in eggs? Scroll directly to get a few thoughts.

Five methods you can use eggs to your DIY skin- and hair-nourishing recipes

1. A mattifying skin paste

If you greasy pores and skin is leading to pimples, you want to mattify pores and skin as a lot as possible. The protein in egg whites can soak up extra oil, taking all the slick off the floor is critical. Whisk egg whites with oatmeal, and apply the thick paste on the pores and skin—taking care to now not move too near the eyes, after which wash off after 10 mins with heat water. Oatmeal is a natural absorbent, so it soaks up all the micro organism and oil at the skin as nicely.

2. A hair-fall combating mask

Egg yolks are rich in power-boosting sulphur, as well as lecithin, that is a fat that works as a herbal moisturiser for dry hair. Mix egg yolks with avocado, that is wealthy in monounsaturated fat, when implemented to the hair, can moisturise, nourish and beef up the strands. Apply an excellent layer from roots to ends, and then tuck your strands underneath a shower cap. Once done, it’s miles vital to rinse off with cool water, as adding heat water to eggs can reason clumps.

Three. A clarifying hair mask

In addition to having high stages of protein, egg whites additionally have enzymes that could split surface construct-up on the scalp. This is specifically beneficial if your hair has been subjected to greater pollutants, smoke or product off past due. Mix egg whites with lemon for first-rate outcomes, as the acidic fruit improves the astringent houses of the combination.

4. An pimples-fighting ointment

Honey is a natural humectant that hydrates the pores and skin without including extra oil to it. It is likewise antibacterial, so it is able to fight p acnes bacteria at the same time as improving the capability of the pores and skin cells to heal. Whisk oil-decreasing egg whites with honey, and practice a fair layer on the face and neck, focusing on the T-zone, where pimples is greater not unusual. Wash off for visibly tightened pores, with energetic pimples looking less uncooked and indignant.

5. A brightening and tightening face mask

Egg white is wealthy within the protein albumin, which matches to rebuild skin cells, improve skin’s elasticity, and impart a natural glow. Mix egg white with smashed cucumbers and blend. The latter can tighten loose skin, whilst refreshing worn-out pores and skin to present it a brightening boost too.

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