Janhvi Kapoor says she is unrepentant, does not want the parallels to Sridevi to stop

One of the most popular actresses in today’s generation is Janhvi Kapoor. Fans have been comparing her to Sridevi since the moment she began her career.

One of the most adored actresses of the present time is Janhvi Kapoor. Everything about her, whether that be her appearance, sense of style, or acting prowess, is adored by her admirers. She has actually grown to be one of Bollywood’s most bankable actors and has often shown her versatility in the roles she chooses to take on in movies. Fans have drawn similarities between her and Sridevi ever since she entered the industry. The Dhadak actress recently revealed in a candid interview with Bollywood Hungama that she has a different perspective on these comparisons.

Janhvi Kapoor said she does not want the comparisons to stop and that she is not insulted by being compared to her mother when asked how she handles being compared to Sridevi. She feels that people hold her to the highest standards because they are comparing her to the best. Reaching the stars is like that. I can at least aim for the stars. I am flattered,” she confessed. Janhvi went on to say that she is making a lot of effort to live up to expectations. She quips that while she may lack her mother’s brilliance or beauty, she views her dedication to work as her USP. “I’m confident I can make it. I live for the movies. “I’m confident I can make it. I live for the movies. The only thing that keeps me going is acting. I’ll keep aiming for the moon and the stars. The Mili star added, “I no longer have to apologize for where I came from anymore.”

The actress is working on a number of other projects, including Mr. and Mrs. Mahi with Rajkummar Rao. The movie’s filming has also begun. Alongside Varun Dhawan, she will appear in the movie Bawaal. The actors will share a screen for the first time during this filming.