Joju George has quit social media following vicious trolling

Malayalam actor Joju George, who had been relatively quiet on social media, recently reappeared to promote his latest film, Iratta. However, the actor was trolled by many netizens, prompting him to make the drastic decision to quit social media.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Joju stated that he does not like being trolled unnecessarily and asked all trolls to leave him alone. He added that he will leave social media because he is already going through a difficult time.

The actor said in the video, “I appreciate your response to Iratta. I had been avoiding all forms of media for quite some time due to personal and professional attacks on me. I attempted to become more active in the promotion of Iratta. But I’ve been dragged into another unnecessary controversy. I’m going to concentrate solely on movies. I’m taking a break from social media once more. Please respect my privacy. My career has been difficult for me. I’m not asking for your assistance. But it would be great if you could stop bothering me. I’d like to thank everyone who has shown their support for me.”

Joju was embroiled in controversy after criticizing reviews on social media while interacting with the media to promote his film ‘Iratta.’ He stated that many people who do not even watch movies criticize them on social media and state that it is untrue. He also stated that a lot of effort goes into making a film, which includes many people’s livelihoods, so one should act responsibly and let audiences decide whether a film is good or bad.

Joju Goerge deactivated his social media accounts in 2021 after being cyberbullied as a result of a disagreement with Congress workers during a protest against a fuel price increase in Kochi. However, in 2022, for the promotion of his film ‘Iratta,’ he returned to social media and once again became the target of trolls for his comments on critics and reviews.

Rohit M. G. Krishnan, a debutante, wrote and directed the film ‘Irrata.’ The film stars Joju George in a dual role, as well as Anjali, Srinda, Arya Salim, and Srikant in supporting roles. The plot revolves around the problems of two identical police twin brothers who experienced childhood trauma. Iratta was released in theaters on February 3, 2023, to positive reviews from critics who praised Joju George’s performance, writing, and climax.

On the work front, Joju George has Pulimada and Thuramukham in the pipeline.