Jr. NTR joins the team of ‘War 2’ along with Hrithik Roshan

With Jr. NTR joining the cast of the War sequel, the actor will face off against Hrithik Roshan in what promises to be a battle of the titans. At the end of the year, Ayan Mukerji will begin filming ‘War 2,’ which he will also direct.

With the pairing of Hrithik Roshan and Jr. NTR, who are now riding a global wave of success with the Oscar-winning ‘RRR,’ the movie is hailed as a true pan-Indian event. Industrial sources claim that ‘War 2’ will be an “action spectacle,” featuring Hrithik and Jr. NTR in a “war of wits and a fiery showdown.”

In ‘War 2,’ NTR Jr. and Hrithik Roshan will face off in a massive action adventure. Their intellectual battle and fierce showdown will be an action show worth seeing on a big screen. With A-list talent from both the Northern and Southern film industries, ‘War 2’ is now a truly pan-Indian production.

“Aditya Chopra’s decision allowed ‘War 2’ to have the greatest audience appeal for a Hindi film and increased the movie’s box office potential. Due to the presence of NTR Jr., the popular young tiger in the South, the market should “come alive and connect at an even higher level,” according to an industry source.

Shah Rukh Khan’s international smash ‘Pathaan’ served as the beginning of YRF’s enormous spy universe, which will now feature films like ‘Tiger 3,’ which Salman Khan will star, ‘War 2,’ and ‘Tiger vs. Pathaan,’ which will feature the epic clash between Salman and Shah Rukh.

Tiger Shroff starred alongside Hrithik Roshan in the 2019 film ‘War.’ The movie’s director, Siddharth Anand, later went on to direct ‘Pathaan’ for YRF. After his fantasy action adventure ‘Brahmastra,’ Ayan Mukerji will enter the YRF spy universe in ‘War 2.’