Kangana Ranaut: “My college principal predicted that I would be a movie star”

Kangana Ranaut took a trip down memory lane when she spoke about her alma mater, DAV College, and its former principal, Ms. Sachdeva. Kangana also shared several anecdotes about her previous interactions with her principal on Instagram Stories. Kangana also shared pictures from her college days with her friends and principal.

Kangana was wearing a blue dress as she stood next to a group of girls in the first picture. She stated, “My principal, Ms. Sachdeva ma’am, noticed me because of my dress on my first day at the Chandigarh DAV hostel and asked, ‘Where are you from?’ “Himachal se’, I said shyly. ‘ Where did you get this dress?’ she inquired. ‘I designed and the village tailor made i),’ I explained. “You will become a movie star one day,’ she said as she smiled and hugged me tight…”

In the following picture, Kangana is seen wearing a crown and sash with the words ‘Pride of DAV-15’ written on them as she stands on a stage surrounded by a few people. She wore a beige long top with black tights. Kangana shared it, writing, “Maam honored me with DAV pride after I got into films… Many people are happy for me, but my principal maam is the proudest…”

The next photo showed Kangana sitting on a couch with her principal, both of whom smiled for the camera. Kangana chose a blue and white dress for the photo. “Principal maan visited me in Mumbai many times and always kissed my forehead and told me about the blue dress story with love and glitters in her eyes, some teachers are so good…she is such a blessing…I love her,” she said.

Kangana and her principal smiled as they hugged each other in the final picture. Kangana wore a saffron top and black pants in a recent photo. “Another one a friend sent, Dr Sachdeva was awarded as the best principal from the President of India…she has received many awards and honours, maam has retired now, and we were so fortunate to have her…” she wrote. “Someday, I want to teach acting and filmmaking and be like maam,” she added.

Kangana will be seen in ‘Emergency,’ where she will play former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Aside from that, she also directed the film. She also has ‘Chandramukhi 2,’ the sequel to the massively successful Tamil horror comedy film ‘Chandramukhi.’ Kangana will also appear in the film ‘Tejas,’ where she will play an Indian Air Force pilot. The film’s official release date is still unknown. She is also working on ‘Manikarnika Returns: The Legend of Didda’ and ‘The Incarnation: Sita.’


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