Keep Calm And Relax

Keep your mind as cool as a cucumber because your body needs to relax. And  meditation can help you do wonders  for relaxing your body.
Meditation is a method to familiarize the body with optimism. Intention of practicing meditation is to make the mind peaceful. It gives relief from all the mental discomfort, thereby improving health conditions.
Benefits in a nutshell

1. Meditation in a long run gifts you a calm and composed mind, good concentration, sharpness and clarity, good communication, relaxation and rejuvenation of mind and body.
2. People practicing meditation have a control on their emotions and nervous system. This reduces the stress and tensions because of the positivity due to meditation. It even decreases the depression levels in people.
3. Improves concentration. Meditation controls your mind and gives sharp focus.
4. Meditation encourages healthy living. It makes you detached from habits which harm the body, like smoking and drinking alcohol.
5. Meditation lengthens life and induces relaxation. The positivity shows on the health of the person practicing it since it reduces stress, anxiety, negativity etc.

6. Meditation improves blood circulation when the body is relaxed. This reduces the blood pressure of the body. It also improves immunity from all illnesses.
7. Meditation provides physical as well as psychological benefits due to changes in brain connectivity.  It gives the self control and a goodbye to fear…
8.  By meditating, with time perspective towards life changes and you experience emotional stability. This is only because of control over the mind and actions. It gets the body into deep relaxation and provides tools needed to deal the stress.
9.  Meditation brings self awareness and reduces anxiety attacks. It takes immense patience, time and energy to build up self-awareness. It makes the mind peaceful. It improves the psychological balance and makes a way to explore the inner self.