Kiara Advani features Bridal couture of duo Falguni-Shane Peacock kicked off India Couture Week

Bridal couture presented by Mumbai-based designers Falguni-Shane Peacock kicked off India Couture Week. In addition to showcasing elaborate outfits ideal for the coming wedding season, they used newlywed Kiara Advani as their star performer to emphasise their purpose.

The designers’ appreciation of art and the treasures they found on their travels are reflected in the collection, ‘Renaissance Reverie.’ The Renaissance-inspired silhouettes were elegant, expensive, and embellished with elaborate embroidery. The outfits displayed the skills and precise craftsmanship of India’s talented artisans, who combined Western values with the depth of Indian tradition to realise the designer duo’s vision.

Bollywood diva Kiara appeared to be the belle of the ball as she strutted down the runway wearing a hot pink lehenga with sequin highlights. Couture Week is India’s biggest fashion event, and for this year’s fashion extravaganza, several Bollywood stars are anticipated to make an appearance.

Falguni and Shane Peacock are well-known in the Indian and international fashion worlds for designing red carpet looks for top performers like Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, and Beyonce. Celebrating their bold fashion designs, this duo is popular.