Kochu Preman, a well-known Malayalam film comedian, passed away

Kochu Preman, a popular actor in Malayalam movies and television, died at the age of 68. He passed away while being taken to the hospital due to breathing issues.

He was born on June 1, 1955, at Peyad, Thiruvananthapuram, to Kalaramathil Shivaraman Shasthri and T. S. Kamalam.

After a brief stint with theater groups, he made his acting debut in the 1996 Malayalam film Dilliwala Rajakumaran.Kochu Preman, a popular comedian, has appeared in more than 100 Malayalam movies. Given his small stature, he used the stage name Kochu Preman. Although he was small in stature, his height was never an issue when he was playing comedic roles. He was also well-known for his line delivery, particularly when he was comfortable using the common Thiruvananthapuram accent. He excelled in comedic parts and appeared frequently in movies throughout the past two decades.

He married television star Girija Preman in 1984, and his son is PG Harikrishnan.