“Kolla” movie streaming from July 27 in Manorama Max

Suraj Varma’s Malayalam film ‘Kolla,’ which stars Priya Varrier and Rajisha Vijayan in the key roles, is slated to begin streaming on a major OTT platform this week. It is perhaps the first woman-focused heist movie in Malayalam, and the narrative was written by the well-known screenwriting team of Bobby and Sanjay.

The film also stars Alencier, Jeo Baby, Vinay Forrt, Shiny T. Rajan, Alexander Prasanth, and Dain Davis. The movie, which opens in theatres on June 9, also features a short part for Kollam Sudhi, who went away in a car accident last month.

Rajisha Vijayan and Priya Varrier play Annie and Shilpa, who operate a beauty salon within a cooperative bank, in the movie’s opening scene. As the first one in the area, their beauty salon quickly becomes the centre of attention. However, Annie and Shilpa are focused on the easy money that is located one story above them.

The film will start streaming on Manorama Max on July 27.