Kovid confirms 51 patients including 40 Malayalee nurses in Mumbai

    Mumbai: Kovid has confirmed 51 persons including 40 Malayalee nurses at a private hospital in Mumbai Central. They have been admitted to isolation and are under observation by over 150 nurses.

    Seven nurses of the hospital had been diagnosed with the disease.
    Three people died in hospital after contracting coronavirus. The health department has come to the conclusion that the disease may have been spread to health workers.

    The doctor, who is a surgeon at the hospital, had earlier been diagnosed with the disease. He is a resident of Dharavi. There are over 300 nurses in the hospital, of which over 200 are Malayalee nurses.

    The number of patients in Mumbai is approaching 500. In Mumbai alone, 30 people have died so far.

    In Maharashtra, however, the number of Kovid 19 cases crossed 700. The total number of patients has risen to 748 with 113 people being diagnosed with the disease yesterday. In Maharashtra, 13 people died yesterday. With this the death toll in the state rose to 45.