Lakhwinder Wadali reveals how his father refused to sing for several Hindi films 

Lakhwinder Wadali reveals in an interview how the Wadali Brothers declined several Hindi films for personal reasons.

Despite being in the industry for several years, the now-discontinued musical duo Wadali Brothers has barely sung songs in Hindi films. While many singers do not aspire to be playback singers, Puranchand Wadali’s son, Lakhwinder Wadali, claims that his father never enjoyed recording himself.

“Normally, Papaji does not record. I’m not sure if he dislikes it or is content with his own company. He is an uncomplicated man who is uninterested in glamour. “He’s a little hesitant to sing tracks, but he’s very comfortable singing live,” says Lakhwinder, himself a popular singer.

Nonetheless, the Wadali Brothers have been given credit for a few songs, including Rangrez (Tanu Weds Manu). “The songs seen in movies were recorded live,” Lakhwinder clarifies, referring to his father’s denial of crooning for several iconic Hindi songs.

“He was approached to sing for the song Veer Zara, in which both lead actors met after years apart” (Tere Liye, eventually Roop Kumar Rathod, sang that bit). I used to take his calls back then, so I’m familiar with him. And the only reason he turned down so many offers was that he didn’t want to record for a track. Even Bajrangi Bhaijaan’s song “Bhar Do Jholi Meri” was offered to him, but he declined. “They even waited months, but he refused the offer,” Lakhwinder further added.

Lakhwinder, who refers to his father as his “mauj ke malik,” hopes that things will change with the new year, now that he has joined his father. “I’m also working on a song with Salim-Sulaiman ji; the music is done, and the lyrics are by Kumar Sab.” “We’re trying to finish it now and are working on it,” he says.


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