Lil Wayne Shows Off Serious Skateboarding Skills in ‘Piano Trap’ & ‘Not Me’ Video

On the off chance that you didn’t know Lil Wayne could skateboard, look no farther than his new “Piano Trap” and “Not Me” combo video, which dropped on Monday (April 27).

The rapper flaunts his hacks in the “Piano Trap” part of the video, riding around a skatepark and through town, nailing a wide range of stunts and tearing through some fast skating.

“Pop me a Perc, and I smoke me some boisterous/Oh my God, I’m gettin’ individual now/Call up my telephone, and my administration was down/Sorry, I ain’t been on Earth in some time/I’m ‘session to taste on this syrup until I suffocate,” he raps in the dynamic tune.

After the rapper is seen embracing his companions, a coronavirus PSA interferes with the clasp. “Here all of a sudden,” the message peruses. “Specialists encouraging everybody remain inside AND THRASH.”

The haven set up didn’t prevent Weezy from skateboarding. He took his aptitudes to segregation, tearing through an individual skatepark (alone this time) as “Not Me” is heard out of sight.

Watch the video underneath.