Malayalam Actor Aswin Jose got married to his love of life

Ashwin Jose, an actor most known for his role as Muneer, a college student in Dijo Jose Antony’s film ‘Queen,’ got married to Feba Johnson on Wednesday. On Instagram, the actor posted pictures from the couple’s special day. “The occasion for which we have waited eleven years has finally come.” The star said on his Instagram page, “We have become a married couple.

Ashwin, who wrote the script for the newly released film ‘Anuragam,’ played the lead in the film, which was directed by Shahad Nilambur. He gained popularity for the scene from ‘Queen’ in which he sings ‘Nenjinakathu Lalettan’ while getting attacked by the college seniors.

The actor recently disclosed that he and his fiancée had been together for quite a couple of years in an interview. “At first, my fiancée had no understanding of films or the entertainment business. She has, however, recently been watching a lot of flims. She now gives me a lot of support. She has assisted me in improving a number of scenes in ‘Anuragam’,” he claimed.