‘Mallika Mallika’ video song from ‘Shakunthalam’ released

Samantha Ruth Prabhu is featured in the “Mallika Mallika” music video of ‘Shaakuntalam’. Mani Sharma wrote the song, which Ramya Behara sang.

In the video, Shakuntala, played by Samantha, waits for her beloved king Dushyant while pleading with the forest’s plants and animals to help in the lovers’ reunion. Samantha looks just like the title character while flaunting a white dress and floral accessories.

The song’s portrayal of Samantha Ruth Prabhu has fans awestruck. “Samantha is magic, wrote one user in a comment on the YouTube video, and millions of people all over the world feel this way about Samantha. Samantha is one of the best actresses in Indian cinema, according to a devoted fan.”

The Sanskrit play Abhijnana Shakuntalam by Kalidasa is the inspiration for Shaakuntalam. Dev Mohan also appears in the movie, playing the title character, King Dushyant. Allu Arha, the daughter of actor Allu Arjun, will make her acting debut in the Gunasekhar directed movie as Prince Bharat. Arha, age 6, had lately received a lot of praise from Samantha.

“She (Arha) is really adorable, Samantha said in an interview. Everyone on set was stunned by her. First of all, she only speaks Telugu and not a word of English. She is extremely pure and speaks Telugu better than most adults. She was smart beyond belief. I still recall the first day following that, when I tweeted that she is already a superstar and doesn’t even need her father. She was destined to be a superstar from birth, so she will succeed whatever.”

On April 14, ‘Shaakuntalam’ will be released in theatres. After that, Raj and DK’s Amazon Prime Video series Citadel India will feature Samantha Ruth Prabhu. Moreover, Samantha has the September 1st release ‘Kushi,’ which stars Vijay Deverakonda.

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