Mammootty apologizes for his remarks about director Jude Anthany

Mammootty apologizes for his remarks about director Jude Anthany and thanks fans for pointing out the mistake.

Mammootty recently apologized for his body-shaming remarks about filmmaker Jude Anthany Joseph on his official social media accounts with a heartfelt note.
Mammootty had shared the official teaser for ‘2018,’ an upcoming survival drama based on the 2018 Kerala floods. The film is directed by Jude Anthany Joseph, who is best known for his debut film, Om Shanthi Oshana. Due to the megastar’s remarks on director Jude Anthany’s hairstyle, Mammootty’s speech at the teaser launch event caused quite a stir on social media. Netizens who believed the veteran actor had body-shamed the filmmaker have chastised him for it.

For the uninitiated, Mammootty made a remark in Malayalam that Jude Anthany is a supremely talented filmmaker with an extraordinary brain, despite the fact that he has no hair on his head. The Rorschach actor’s statement infuriated netizens, who felt he was body-shaming bald people. However, Mammootty later apologized on his official social media accounts for making such a statement and thanked his fans for pointing out the mistake.

“Dear Friends, I apologise if my enthusiastic words praising director Jude Antony at the trailer launch event for the ‘2018’ film yesterday offended some of you. Such practices will not be repeated in the future. Thank you for the reminders” Mammootty’s post has been read. Netizens are now praising Mammootty for readily accepting his mistake and immediately apologizing for it via social media.

The filmmaker, on the other hand, defended Mammootty’s words, stating that he is well aware of Mammootty’s feelings for him and requesting that netizens not misconstrue the words that the megastar used to praise his talent. Jude Anthany Joseph also joked that everyone should blame Bangalore Corporation’s water supply and various shampoo brands for his hair loss. Later, the 2018 director responded to Mammootty’s apology post, expressing regret for how his hairstyle landed his favourite actor in trouble.

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