Manjima Mohan and Gautham Karthik shared sweet photos from their pre-wedding photo shoot

Manjima Mohan and Gautham Karthik, who will wed in Chennai on November 28, shared a sneak peek of their pre-wedding couple photoshoot on Instagram.

On November 28, Manjima Mohan and Gautham Karthik, plan to wed in a small ceremony in Chennai. The soon-to-be bride and groom appeared enamoured with one another in the photos.

Manjima appeared in the photos wearing a traditional Indian outfit in green, while Gautham looked handsome in a matching kurta and white churidar pyjamas. A simple green heart emoji was all that was added to the text of the Instagram post by the couple. Manjima and Gautham were photographed while holding hands and posing for the camera in an outdoor location in Chennai, and several of their fans left heart emojis on the images of them together.

The actors said during a media interview that they have been together for almost two years and that they plan to wed shortly with their parents’ blessing. In the Muthaiah-directed Tamil film Devarattam, released in 2019, Manjima and Gautham worked together. According to Gautham Karthik, they did not have a romantic relationship while filming the movie. It took place a year later, though.

“We grew as close friends after working together in Devarattam. Every time I felt down, she was there to cheer me on. After a year, I proposed to her, and it took her a few days to say yes,” recalled Gautham. He continued by saying that Manjima changed him from a boy to a man. “When you meet the right person, they make you a man,” my father once remarked, “and that’s Manjima for me.” Manjima also stated that she has no plans to stop acting after getting married.

The couple posted a sweet message on social media on October 31 to announce their relationship. “What transpires when you meet the proper person? Most people would claim that you would fall in love with them the second you laid eyes on them, that your heart would sing with delight, that you would feel butterflies in your stomach, etc. Our trip has undoubtedly been unique. We used to constantly play harmless pranks on each other and quarrel and argue about the most insignificant of topics. Even our friends found our arguments to be unbearable.”



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