Mime Artist and Actor Kottayam Nazeer hospitalized due to chest pain

Malayalam film actor, television host, and mime artist, Nazeer Kottayam is hospitalized due to physical discomfort and chest pain.

Kottayam Nazeer was experiencing chest pain on Sunday morning, and he went to the hospital and sought treatment. Doctors informed that he had undergone an angiogram and is currently in the intensive care unit. His health, however, is said to be normal.

Kottayam Nazeer rose to prominence in the field of mimicry by accurately imitating film stars and prominent personalities in both their appearance and voice. Nazeer was also the first to use the morphing technique in Mimic Parade. He was awarded the Kerala Sahithya Academy’s Mimicry Award.

On the work front, Kottayam Nazeer’s most recent film, ‘Rorschach,’ starred Mammootty in the lead role. He played Shashankan in the film and won the audience’s hearts with his intense performance.



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