Monsoon Care

Monsoon is here … The way you take care of your health and skin shows up in the monsoon season. Maintain good hygiene and rejuvenate your skin during the monsoons to be away from the dampness and humidity present in the atmosphere. Drink a lot of water, nearly 6-8 glasses in a day to keep the body hydrated, so that the unwanted toxins from the blood are flushed out.


  1. Moisturize your skin frequently.
  2. Wash your face almost 3-4 times a day to get rid of the excess oil from the face.
  3. Do not use heavy cleansing products.
  4. Use natural scrubs to scrub your face. It helps in unclogging the facial pores and also removes the dead cell layers from it.
  5. Use homemade face packs to apply on the face depending on your skin condition- oily or dry skin. It gives a natural glow to the skin.
  6. Even during monsoons sunscreen lotion with a good SPF must be applied to be safe from UV radiations.
  7. Use milk cream to keep the lips soft.
  8. To prevent dryness of the skin, toning needs to be done with an alcohol free toner.
  9. Wear cotton clothes to stay fresh and so that you don’t smell if you sweat.


  1. Hot oil massage must be done on the scalp to avoid the itchiness. It helps in removing dandruff too.
  2. Say no to coloring of hair.
  3. Use natural hair products.
  4. Avoid coloring and blow drying of hair.
  5. Condition your hair regularly.
  6. Shampoo your hair every alternate day to keep hair problems at bay.
  7. Do not comb wet hair.


  1. Avoid wearing closed shoes, it increases the moisture in shoes and will be prone to fungal infections.Let your feet breathe too.
  2. Moisturize your feet with a body lotion after washing your feet. Helps in avoiding dead skin in the feet.
  3. Avoid walking in bare foot during rains.
  4. Use easily washable shoes. Wear waterproof footwear like sandals and floaters.


  1. Keep them dry to avoid fungal infections.
  2. Keep them short to prevent dirt from staying in the nails.
  3. Dip your nails in warm saline water to keep bacteria away.
  4. Manicure and pedicure helps to keep the nails and feet beautiful.


  1. Wash eyes whenever you get wet in the rains, to prevent the settling down of dust particles in the eyes and to avoid irritation in the eyes.
  2. Avoid using common towels and cosmetics.
  3. Use glasses when outside.
  4. Get conjunctivitis treated.
  5. Use eye drops if eyes itch but not a self medication.
  6. Contact lenses should be cleaned thoroughly.