Music is Love – Dr Arun Gopan

Each and every Malayali would remember the innocent voice behind the 90’s hit song Kandu Njan Mizhikallil on Idea Star Singer in 2007. Arun Gopan was on a high after this performance and he garnered a lot of appreciation for his quality of voice.

Arun is a muse who has sung many melodies. His first song in Malayalam was for  Kurukshetra, a Lalettan movie in 2008. He says ‘that memory still lingers, it was an unforgettable experience.’ And since then there has been no looking back for Arun. He has shown his exemplary skills in Amutha, in Tamil and Ninu Kori and Majili in Telugu.

Arun has won many accolades for his music, he recently won an International Award for background score and sound designing for Death Offers Life, a short film by Saheer Abbas.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Arun says working from home is like any other usual day. He has been busy and working hard creating some good music for his new projects. During the lockdown he has creatively worked on composing 2 songs- one is a Malayalam song, which is the largest lockdown collaboration which has 90 artists united virtually and a Tamil song which is about Mother Nature.

Arun talks to Maxxo about life during the lockdown and his love for music…

  1. Doctor or a Musician?

For me music is something which I live for, I inhale and exhale music. It is a part of me and also a biggest part of my life because 24*7 I’m either listening to music, singing or composing music. So I would say I am 49% a doctor and 51% a musician because I love travelling, singing and composing music more as of now, so an extra 2% love for music. Although I am not working in the medicine field at present, I would say I am a doctor first and then a musician. I try to update my knowledge on the latest developments, also refer to medicine literature and give remedies to people who ask me for an unbiased advice. I have a dream to build a small hospital in future… I would like to take both professions together in future but right now I only have music on mind!

  1. Years back you were seen in a song in the movie Nayanam. When do we see you on the silver screen?

Nayanam just happened by chance … my paternal uncle was the music director and I was offered a small guest appearance in a song. I love acting and if given a chance will give it a try. I would never miss such an opportunity which comes my way…

  1. You have now become one of the favorite crooners here… who has sung in Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. How challenging was it spreading your wings in Tamil and Telugu and making it big there?

Advantage of being a Malayali is that we have a unique trait in us, one can learn and speak many languages without much difficulty. Tamil is a second language for me like any other Malayali because after Malayalam songs, they switch over to Tamil songs. I cannot speak Tamil fluently but can read and write the language perfectly. For me the diction is important so I write down the song first, I try to learn the pronunciation and then sing. Similarly for Telugu too I wrote the song and then I made it a point to learn the pronunciation, practice it many times with the help of the lyricist. By such efforts it was possible for me to match the Telugu accent and sing well… I had put in a lot of hardwork and it did pay off … I got a call from Jayachandran sir who congratulated me for my work in Amutha. It was unexpected and I’m touched by his gesture. After Ninu Kori and Majili in Telugu, I got many kind words of appreciation for my voice and singing style by the Telugu audience. During the audio launch of Ninu Kori, Nani and Rajamouli sir were all praises for me. They told me that I have a great singing style… and this means a lot to me!

  1. Artists have a pure relationship with love and feelings they say… What is love for you?

Love for me is pure bliss and a feeling which is divine. I love my parents, my elder brothers and their family, my wife and music. I have absorbed a lot of positivity from what I see in my surroundings and I have taken inspirations from people I love the most. When I like or love something, I do it with full honesty and it gives me immense happiness. But when I don’t like some person or the vibes, I try to avoid the situation.

  1. What makes Nimmy so special that you decided to spend your life with her? How do you define your relationship with Nimmy?

It was love at first sight… and I knew it that I would get married to her. She is special because when she smiles there’s warmth in her eyes and she always carries a beautiful aura around her. I was awestruck by her bold character. My parents have always guided me in everything I do and I always wanted someone who could love me and take care of me in the same way. Nimmy is also an artist, VJ on Surya Music and an expressive dancer, so she understands my taste even more. She is my strength and supports me in all my works. She is just too perfect!

  1. Your Quarantined Life

Aaah… my life after the first lockdown was like being a good lazybone doing absolutely nothing for one week. Enjoyed sleeping, eating and watching TV at home… but this didn’t last long as this isn’t my routine. I and Nimmy have utilized this time to the maximum for reaching out to people with our works. She has been doing these spectacular Vlogs and I have created many covers of the evergreen numbers on my Youtube channel. I have a studio set up in my room so I work from home. So being quarantined I just miss stepping out of the house. We both are foodies, secret of our amazing relationship (smiles from one ear to another)… We miss going out for coffee and eating outside.

  1. About the 2 songs which are viral now during the Lockdown…

I and Saheer Abbas are good friends. We were about to do a movie together and then this lockdown happened. Everyone enjoyed the initial days of lockdown as it was a much needed break from the busy and monotonous life. But later the uncertainty of the epidemic put a question in everyone’s mind… So we utilized this time in a better way. He visually conceptualized this dilemma in the song ‘Enthappo Cheyya’. I gave a creative and classical touch to the song. This song is virtually collaborated with 90 artists around the world and it turned out to be the largest lockdown song of Kerala. Thanks to the internet for connecting people virtually!

‘Kaayangal Nooru’ is a Tamil song which we both had worked on even before ‘Enthappo Cheyya’. Since the former was a big hit, we again virtually connected this song with 14 playback singers and the legendary actor, Suresh Gopi. He gives a social message in this song, which says ‘You believe in the gods which you made and not in the gods which made you. You have no right to destroy the nature. If you don’t stop this, you will be gifted with more wounds in return.’ And COVID-19 is the perfect example for ‘Kaayangal Noor’.

  1. Success Mantra

Success Mantra is to stay positive and work hard. I equally love both my professions. For the time being I am concentrating on music with full dedication. And I believe if you follow a well disciplined life, hard work pays dividends and then success follows.

  1. Projects in the pipeline for 2020

There were a handful of projects for this year, but they have been freezed for the time being because of the current scenario. Presently I am composing music for 3 movies in Malayalam. I am also working on my musical presence by creating covers and doing live chats etc through Arun Gopan Live, my social media accounts – Youtube channel, Hello App, Instagram, Facebook etc.