Nadakkal Unnikrishnan, the tusker from ‘Ajagajantharam,’ passed away

Nadakkal Unnikrishnan, the tusker from ‘Ajagajantharam,’ passed away.

Tusker Nadakkal Unnikrishnan, the elephant from the superhit film ‘Ajagajantharam,’ died after suffering from starvation, dehydration, and neglect, as per the reports.
Tinu Pappachan, the director of the smash hit film “Ajagajantharam,” took to Instagram to bid farewell to his star. He shared a picture of Nadakkal Unnikrishnan and penned a note that read, “Favorite Nadakkal Unnikrishnan. A lot of lovely memories. “Near and dear to our hearts.”

Nadakkal Unnikrishnan was found dead inside a rubber estate in Kottayam that didn’t even have a statutory shelter facility, according to a Tweet posted by an animal welfare organization. According to reports, Nadakkal Unnikrishnan was also subjected to starvation, dehydration, torture, and neglect. If the reports are to be believed, these are serious allegations that must be addressed to the appropriate authorities.

On the contrary, it can be argued that tusker Nadakkal Unnikrishnan was the main attraction of Tinu Pappachan’s ‘Ajagajantharam,’ and the film did well at the box office as well.  ‘Ajagajantharam’ was released in theatres on December 23, 2021, and was billed as an action thriller. Tinu Pappachan’s sophomore directorial venture, ‘Ajagajantharam,’ featured Antony Varghese, Kichu Tellus, Arjun Ashokan, Sabumon Abdusamad, Vineeth Vishwam, and Sinoj Varghese in key roles.


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