“Nalla Nilavulla Rathri” movie is reaching out theatre very soon

The first movie by Murphy Devasy, ‘Nalla Nilavulla Rathri,’ is about to be released. The movie will be released on a large screen very soon, according to the producers. It takes place on a dangerous full-moon night. #NNR Coming soon to a theatre near you,” the film’s makers announced as they unveiled a brand-new poster. The upcoming movie features a large ensemble cast, including Chemban Vinod Jose, Ganapathi, Baburaj, Jinu Joseph, and Binu Pappu in the key roles.

The environment for ‘Nalla Nilavulla Rathri’ is a village. The director has previously stated that ‘Nalla Nilavulla Rathri’ is a survival thriller.

“This is exclusively a men’s story. In the movie, there are only a few sequences with female characters. It seems like a while since we have seen such tales. But I’m confident that our story will be relatable to a wide range of people,” he added.

On the technical side, Syam Sasidharan is the editor, while Ajay David Kachappilly is in charge of the cinematography. The sound design was done by Vishnu Govind, and the music was composed by Kailas Menon.

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