Namita Thapar of Shark Tank being trolled for rejecting competitor’s pitch

Namita Thapar of Shark Tank is being trolled for rejecting competitor’s pitch.

Namita Thapar claims she speaks candidly and does not invest in a fellow shark’s competition. She was responding to the backlash that followed Shark Tank judges rejecting a makeup brand’s pitch. Namita Thapar has stated that she calls out “toxicity” rather than celebrating people with “lack of integrity,” a day after the internet trolled Shark Tank India judges for rejecting a pitch because it was a competitor for Vineeta Singh. The show’s judges were chastised for rejecting a pitch because it would have competed with their ‘friend’ Vineeta Singh’s makeup line, Sugar Cosmetics.

“Being a shark doesn’t mean we are not entitled to our independent values and speaking candidly so if I don’t invest in a fellow shark’s competition, that’s me, no regrets & if I call out toxicity & don’t join the ignorant that celebrate people with lack of integrity. that’s me :)” Namita tweeted yesterday.

The second season of the popular show Shark Tank India premiered on January 2 and immediately sparked new controversy. In the first episode, a makeup brand pitch impressed all of the sharks, but it was rejected primarily because it competed with Vineeta’s brand. In the episode, the Sugar co-founder was visibly surprised when she was told that her brand’s official Instagram account (Sugar) follows the brand being pitched (Recode).

Fans were outraged, and many took to Twitter to condemn the move. One of them mentioned that the show was becoming a TV serial drama.

Shark Tank India, based on the American show Shark Tank USA, premiered its first season in December 2021. Aman Gupta and Anupam Mittal are also judges on Shark Tank, as they were in the first season. Ashneer Grover appeared in the first season but is no longer on the show, and Amit Jain is a new addition to the judges’ panel.


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