‘Noolamala’ song from “Thrishanku” is out

The long-awaited first single, ‘Noolamala’ from Achyuth Vinayak’s ‘Thrishanku’ is officially released. The beautiful music and cinematography brilliantly capture the spirit of the film’s topic, which portrays life’s complexity and uncertainty.

The song, which can be heard on the Think Music India YouTube page, was written by Manu Manjith and composed by Jay Unnithan. Vanee Rajendra, Shivakamy Shyamaprasad, and Kaanjana Sriram contribute to the music, making it rapidly gain popularity among music fans.

Chaitanya Bhaidkar handled the electric guitar, saz, and banjo, while Rony George added extra guitar and Sonu Sangameswaran laid down the bass guitar foundation. Korava vocals were also given by Lekshmi, Rama Lekshmi, and Karthik, bringing a unique cultural flavour to the song. Deepak SR Productions in Trivandrum was used for the recording, which was done by recording engineer Deepak SR. Abin Paul mixed and mastered the music.

The cast also includes Suresh Krishna, Nandhu, Krishna Kumar, Balaji Mohan, Siva Hariharan, Zarin Shihab, and Fahim Safar, other than Anna Ben and Arjun Ashokan.

Jayesh Mohan and Ajmal Sabu worked on the cinematography, and Rakesh Cherumadam edited the film. The music was composed by Dhanush Nayanar. The film is distributed by AP International Release via E4 Entertainment, while the music is released by Think Music. ‘Thrishanku’ will be released on May 26.

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