Nysa Devgan celebrates her 20th birthday, Kajol and Ajay Devgn share candid pictures with daughter

Nysa Devgan, the daughter of Kajol and Ajay Devgn, turned 20 today. The couple wished her with charming Instagram posts. While Ajay referred to her as his pride, Kajol stated that her ‘baby girl’ had grown up.

“This is us and our story always,” Kajol remarked beside a candid picture of them from the NMACC launch earlier this month. I adore your sense of humour, your mind, and your oh-so-sweet heart… I adore you, baby girl, and may you always smile, laugh, and snark with me forever! “#daughtersrock #mybabygirl #happy20th #allgrownupnow,” she adds.

Ajay sent Nysa a collage of four candid pictures. The pictures show them smiling, posing, and looking at each other. The star captioned the collage, “#FatherofMyPride” “Happy birthday, sweetie.” The pictures show the father-daughter duo twinning in black.

Nysa pursued her education in Switzerland after graduating from Singapore’s Glion Institute of Higher Education. She returned home a few months ago and has been seen attending parties with her friends on a regular basis. She recently travelled to Jaisalmer with some of her friends, including Orhan Awatramani.

Kajol was recently asked about Nysa’s social media exposure. “Of course, I’m proud of her,” she replied. I like Nysa’s ability to carry herself with respect everywhere she goes. All I can say is that she’s having a good time. She has the right to do anything she wants, and I will always be there for her.”

Nysa recently corrected a few photographers who mispronounced her name as she was leaving a party. In Hindi, she said, ‘My name is Nysa” (spoken as Nisa).