Pepe’s Poovan set to release on January 20th

Antony Varghese, popularly known by his screen name Pepe from his debut movie, Angamaly Diaries, directed by Lijo Jose Pellisery, is coming back to the big screen with his new movie, ‘Poovan’. The movie is hitting theatres on January 20.

Animals have a significant role in most of Pepe’s movies, including pigs in Angamaly Diaries, a bull in Jallikattu, and an elephant in Ajagajantharam. In Poovan, as the name suggests, it is a Rooster.

The official trailer was released yesterday on Sony Music South’s YouTube account. Pepe is seen to be troubled by the rooster in the trailer. Fans say that he tried a different role with this movie. The movie is directed by Vineeth Vasudevan and written by Varun Dhara.

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