Pilot Mohit Teotia turns poet during in-flight announcement, video goes viral

Every airline has a set procedure for in-flight announcements that the captain or cabin crew must follow. Some people, though, want to shake things up to make the announcements entertaining. similar to SpiceJet pilot Mohit Teotia, who always makes sure to express himself poetically. He frequently posts his clips to Instagram as well, and people find them amusing, similar to his most recent post, which depicts him making a declaration in his own lyrical manner. In the video, it’s noteworthy to see how he welcomes two extra-special guests as he wraps up his remarks.

He can be seen speaking in Hindi when the video begins. He begins by speaking briefly to each passenger. He continues by describing why this flight is meaningful to him. He mentions that he is traveling for the first time ever with his mother and one-year-old son.

The video was posted yesterday. More than 7.4 lakh people have watched the video since it was shared, and the numbers are still rising. The post has also received approximately 1.1 lakh likes. As a response to the video, different reactions were expressed.

An Instagram user said, “I adore your style, guy.” Another person said, “That enjoyment of flying with your family is obviously apparent on your face!!” Another person said, “Haaye, I’m sure all the passengers and the spectators grinned not just because of your poem, but also because of the laugh you gave while saying it.” ‘Wow,’ said the fourth. Another one wrote, “Love it.”

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