Prabhudheva reveals that he had a torn ligament when he was filming the popular dance “Muqabla”

Prabhudheva is an actor, dancer, choreographer, and filmmaker, although his admirers prefer him as a dancer because of his work on songs like “Urvashi Urvashi” and “Muqabla Muqabla.” Few people are aware that the dancer experienced severe discomfort while filming the song “Muqabla” for the 1994 movie Kadhalan.

In a recent interview, the actor-choreographer described how he shot the song while wearing a crepe bandage that was tightly tied to his left foot. Yet he was so engaged that he forgot about his pain and only realised how awful it was after returning home.

In an interview, Prabhudheva described how he tore his ligament while filming a fight scene for the movie Kadhalan, which came before Muqabla. He was unable to understand and had no idea what a ligament was. But he was also unable to walk. He never walks in the song “Ennavale”. He only briefly went for a walk. The actor had to film “Muqabla” after “Ennavale”.

The song was recreated by the choreographer-filmmaker for Remo D’Souza’s 2019 movie Street Dancer 3D. He performed with the same pleasure as in the 1994 recording of the song. Tanishk Bagchi recreated AR Rahman’s original song, which was composed in the first place.