Pranav Mohanlal shares pictures of his travels from Rathen

Pranav Mohanlal’s social media profile is full of fascinating trip pictures from across the world. Most recently, he posted a picture from his vacation to Rathen, Germany, which sparked entertaining speculations and discussions in the comments.

In the picture, the actor is seen gazing while standing on a ledge on a mountaintop with a body of glistening water on each side. Some of his fans made comments such as “Looks like he is stuck in some hill in Germany” and “Please come back home, son” (imitating the phrase seen in newspaper advertising for missing people), while others praised his gipsy spirit and carefree demeanour. Some of his admirers commented, “One can’t help but wonder who helped him take such a picture as he struck the pose on the narrow ledge.”

Rathen, home to the renowned Bastei cliffs One of the biggest rivers in Central Europe, the Elbe, may be visible in Pranav’s picture. The Bastei cliffs are one of the region’s top attractions. Rathen stretches across both sides of the Elbe.

The huge rock structure, which is also a well-known trekking location, appears to have captured the actor’s heart. Many resorts in Rathen provide specialised spa facilities, making it a popular destination for spa treatments.

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