Preity Zinta decorates Christmas tree while dressed as Santa Claus: “Christmas is always something special”

Prior to the festival, Preity Zinta posted a video of her beginning her Christmas preparations. She dressed as a sweet Santa Claus and decorated the Christmas tree.

In order to prepare for Christmas before the celebration, actor Preity Zinta posted a video to Instagram. She posted a clip and a moving message describing her excitement. She dressed up as Santa Claus and decorated a Christmas tree. Numerous admirers responded to her video by sending early holiday greetings.

Her fans were given the perfect Christmas vibes by the large Christmas tree that was decked out in the video with bells, balls, and fairy lights. Alongside the tree, there were a lot of gift boxes. In her video, Preity’s dog also made an appearance. She eventually identified herself as Santa by donning a long, white moustache and a red and green cap. She can be heard grinning for the camera and saying, “Ho Ho.” In her post, she referenced the song “Jingle Bell Rock.”

“There is always something special about Christmas,” Preity wrote in a post sharing the video on Instagram (red heart emoji). The end of the year, the anticipation of putting up the Christmas tree, the interest in unwrapping gifts, spending time with family, and the anticipation of snowfall. Before the new year officially starts, I wanted to take the time to wish you all “Happy Holidays filled with love, light, and togetherness” (smiling face with red heart eyes emoji). This year has flown by. Happy holidays and “Ting” were used as the hashtags on her post.