Prove the Lamps at 9pm on April 5th; PM to the people

    New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today expressed his gratitude to all the people for supporting the country’s declaration of lockdown. He was addressing the locals at Lockdown. The country as a whole is fighting Kovid. Many countries are modeling India.

    Many people are concerned about how to get sick alone. Many worry that it will be worth the trouble. You are not alone, 130 million people are with you. At 9pm on April 5th, you have to show up with a 9-minute torch light, a mobile flash, a candle or wings. He suggested that everyone in the house should light the lamps from the balcony or door step. This light will be a manifestation of the strength of 130 crore people. He added that no one should come out for this or release.

    The Prime Minister called on us to set aside time together to lead the light from the darkness of the corona. The prime minister reminded that no one should get on the roads and that the only way to fight the coronavirus is to maintain social distance.

    The Prime Minister has called for the event to boost the energy and confidence of the people and to highlight the importance of lockdown. The Prime Minister did not specify whether the lockdown would be extended.

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