PVR gives 50% discount on tickets of DC movie “The Flash”

The highly anticipated movie ‘The Flash,’ which is scheduled to enter theatres on June 15th, has DC fans in India anticipating its theatrical release with bated breath. PVR has launched a unique deal that will undoubtedly appeal to all fans of superheroes, heightening the anticipation.

PVR has offered a flat 50% discount on ‘The Flash’ movie tickets in honour of the forthcoming release, giving fans an amazing deal.

Flash sales will be held twice daily until June 14th for anyone who wants to take advantage of this special deal. Movie buffs will get the chance to purchase 50 tickets at a stunning 50% discount during each 20-minute flash sale. For any devoted fan of the DC universe, it is an offer that is too wonderful to pass up.

Ezra Miller plays Barry Allen in the critically praised film ‘The Flash,’ which was directed by Andy Muschietti. Sasha Calle, Ron Livingston, Michael Shannon, Kiersey Clemons, Maribel Verd, Michael Keaton, and Antje Traue round out the cast, which also stars Miller. With their combined abilities, these enduring characters will be brought to life in a genuinely unique cinematic experience.

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