Quarantine Stories: Ameya Mathew

Ameya Mathew is the latest internet sensation who has imprinted herself here with Karikku, Web Series on Youtube. And the fact that it’s still going strong indicates only one thing that THIS GIRL IS HERE TO STAY. She started her acting career in Aadu2 and has undoubtedly become the muse of all leading photographers across the country and is killing the scene. We at MAXXO have got this beautiful lady to give us a glimpse of her personal space and here we go …

Q. Where are you at present?

Ameya: Relaxing at home in Thiruvananthapuram.

Q. How’s the situation in your locality?

Ameya: Not so bad. The roads are empty. I’m glad that people are afraid of going out and are at home staying safe.

Q. What’s your favourite quarantine pastime?

Ameya: Netflix and chill. Catching up on movies.

Q. What’s your daily routine during lock-down?

Ameya: Waking up without an alarm, following a strict diet, work-outs, movies and back to bed..

Q. Have you developed any new hobbies in this lockdown?

Ameya: Nothing as such. Whatever I’m doing now was a part of my daily routine even before the lockdown.

Q. Which is the one thing you miss the most because of lockdown?

Ameya: Definitely it would be travelling. Travelling is a stressbuster for me. I used to travel at least on my bike every day to calm down myself.

Q. Just assume you have got a hold of Aladdin’s genie, and the only wish you can make is to be at the place of your choice. But the catch is, you will be locked down there as well. Which would that place be and why?

Ameya: Now that’s a good one and I would say Canada. The plan was to move to Canada after my studies. Fortunately or unfortunately that did not work out. So if Genie would be kind enough to grant a wish, Canada it is. Have got many friends there…

Q. What is your advice to people to be safe during Covid19?

Ameya: Stay Home. Stay Safe.

All government officials and volunteers are risking their lives to keep us safe. We need to respect their work.

Recently I saw in media that nurses at a hospital in Thodupuzha were working continuously for 14 days without rest for treating COVID patients. I consider that a great sacrifice.

Just think, the people who are risking their lives to keep us safe, let it be health workers or police, are equally prone to this disease. Once if they are diagnosed with the virus, they are quarantined at the same moment. They are very much aware of the fact that their families won’t be allowed to even see even their dead bodies if it happens so. The risk they are taking is HUGE. We NEED to respect that. I urge you all not to go out. Avoid if it can be avoided.

Q. Name 5 movies which you would suggest to people to get through the lock-down. Ask describe what makes each movie interesting.

Ameya: Favourite Genres: Horror and Thrillers

1. Contagion (English) – We can relate to this movie very easily since we are dealing with a pandemic now. It shows in great detail how pandemics effects countries socially and economically. Also, it gives us guidance on how to deal with an outbreak.

2. Evaru (Telugu) – I have watched this movie many times. It’s a remake of a Spanish movie called the Invisible Guest. There is a Hindi version of it too called Badla. I prefer the Telugu version. Adivi Sesh is the hero and I’m his big fan. I try to all his movies. Almost all his movies come under the Thriller genre. I strongly recommend this movie to all.

3. Ayyappanum Koshiyum (Malayalam): It is supposed to be boring considering the length of this movie. The brilliance of film making and out-of-the-world acting keeps us so engaged that it makes the duration irrelevant. I still remember the full names of the lead characters Koshy Kurian and Ayyappan Nair which proves the impact the movie had on me.

4. Mardaani 2 (Hindi): We can confidently call this the ‘come-back’ movie of Rani Mukherjee. Only problem with this movie is that we fell in love with the villain more than the main lead. The character is played by Vishal Jethwa who is a new comer (which is HARD to believe). The way of storytelling is genius. The best performing villain according to me from recent movies.

5. I Saw the Devil (Korean): It’s a revenge movie. As all Korean movies, this too is an experience. We know who the culprit is from the start itself. The twist and turns through which the lead takes his revenge keeps us on the edge of the seat