Rajamouli receives his first international award

Renowned Director, SS Rajamouli received the award for the Best Direction at the New York Film Critics Circle Award for “RRR”, which has also featured Golden Globe nomination. The movie received wide acclaim in America and Japan and has been nominated in 15 categories.

In his speech he stated that “You didn’t just honor my cast and crew, you made a lot of people take notice of a small film field in the South of India. With RRR, I saw the same kind of reception in the West.  Whether it is in New York, LA, or Chicago, when I went, initially, I thought most of them were Indians. But when I personally saw them, 90 percent were non-Indians, and they were reacting the same way Indians did.”

SS Rajamouli is popularly known as an Indian Director, and Screenwriter who primarily works in Telugu cinema.  He is one of the highest paid Director known for his action, fantasy and epic genres. Baahubali and RRR are among the highest grossed movies in India.

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