Rakhi Sawant sobs as her mother is hospitalized due to brain tumour and cancer

Rakhi Sawant took to Instagram on Monday to inform fans of her mother Jaya Sawant’s hospitalization. She stated that her mother has a brain tumour and cancer. Rakhi, who had just stepped out of the Bigg Boss Marathi house, sobbed as she announced the news and asked for everyone’s blessing.

Rakhi captioned the video she shared, “Mom is in the hospital. She is not doing well; please pray for her.” Her boyfriend, Adil Khan Durrani, and her brother, Rakesh, can also be seen in the video with her. “Hello, everyone, I finished Bigg Boss Marathi Season 4 last night. My mother is ill and is in the hospital. Please pray for her; she is not in good health. She has cancer, and we just found out she has a brain tumour too,” Rakhi said in the video. She also claimed that while she was in the Bigg Boss Marathi house, no one informed her about her mother’s health. She recalls seeing her mother, who was unconscious in a hospital bed.

Rakhi also asked a doctor about her mother’s health in the same video. “Her left side is paralysed,” he explained. “A sample was taken and sent to the lab; the results will be available on Friday, and only then will we know how much radiation she requires. Because her cancer has spread to her lungs, she cannot be operated on right now.” Her mother is being treated at Mumbai’s Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital.

Fans expressed their support after Rakhi shared the news. “My prayers wishing her good health,” actor Mahima Chaudhry, who has battled cancer herself, added. “Oh, my dear. “I send you and your mother my prayers and blessings,” Sofia Hayat added. While Delnaaz Irani told Rakhi to “take care,” Pavitraa Puniya and Rahul Vaidya emoji-ed praying hands.

Rakhi Sawant made her first public appearance since exiting Bigg Boss Marathi on Sunday night. She was among the finalists, which also included Akshay Kelkar, Apurva Nemlekar, Kiran Mane, and Amruta Dhongade. Bigg Boss Season 4 Marathi was won by Akshay Kelkar.