Rana Daggubati has announced “Rana Naidu” will return with a second season

The Indian adaptation of Ray Donovan, ‘Rana Naidu,’ has been reaffirmed for a second season. Rana Daggubati, who plays the show’s major character, made the announcement on Twitter in a review video of the first season.

Rana portrays a role in Rana Naidu, who literally cleans up after his high-profile clientele. He’s known as the “star fixer.” It also stars Rana’s real-life uncle, Venkatesh Daggubati, who plays Rana’s father, Naga Naidu, in the drama. Rana posted on Twitter, “Could not get enough of your love. The Naidus are busy sorting season 2 #RanaNaidu season 2 coming soon!”

In response to the tweet, several people commented in the comments area, saying they couldn’t wait for the next season. “Cracker of a show,” one person said. I hope the second season is equally enjoyable. “I can’t wait.” “Waiting for the show,” wrote another. Please enhance Venkatesh sir’s persona.”

Rana Naidu is Rana’s first collaboration with his uncle Venkatesh, a well-known Telugu actor. The show, created by Suparn Verma and Karan Anshuman, was highly welcomed, despite a mixed reaction from some viewers due to its excessive use of expletives.

Rana was asked about the experience of cussing at his real-life uncle in the programme in a pre-release interview, and he said, “I was nervous because he was my uncle.” I mean, I play bad guys, man. So, by the time we got together (for the series), the characters were well-defined, and we were already in character. It was also in Hindi, which is not our native tongue. So it was the actors who did it. But it got really weird when I started dubbing it in Telugu because I felt like I was discovering a new show. ‘Oh, God, this is something I would never have uttered to him because it was too close to home.’ So, we fared well in Hindi since we didn’t know enough filthy terms and stuff.”

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