Ravi Dubey: Abusing, going naked on OTT for the sake of it, makes no sense

Actor Ravi Dubey always says no to any skin show on OTT, he believes that abusing on-screen should make sense before he says yes.

Ravie Dubey, who is currently focused on OTT, takes a particular approach to projects. It entails refraining from doing anything that is simply intended to attract attention, such as exposing one’s skin or using foul language.

The Matsya Kaand actor is opposed to both. Remind him that almost every other project has it, and he says, “I am not open to that, and that norm is absolutely incorrectthat, and that norm is absolutely incorrect.” When OTT first emerged in India, many creators intended to do everything that they couldn’t do on TV or in films. That was an incorrect intention. If it does not work with your script, it is pointless.”

The 39-year-old actor, who has appeared in OTT shows such as Jamai 2.0, adds that it appears that bold elements are only used for sensationalism. “One cannot do it for the sake of doing it. Nudity does not sit well with me. I’m also not okay with abuse, unless the character is designed that way or it’s a part of the world that has been designed that way. Doing something just for the sake of doing something is a no-no. “It makes no sense to me,” says Dubey, who is currently working on his next film, Farradday.

He claims that he “stays away” from such projects. “If you get that vibe on the table, just humbly stay out of it,” the actor concludes.

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