Renuka Shahane on auditions: It’s a cold way of doing things, and you get half-baked knowledge

Renuka Shahane tells us that she is very particular about the roles she chooses, and that screen time is unimportant to her.

Renuka Shahane appears on the big screen infrequently, but when she does, she makes sure her roles take center stage. The 56-year-old actress, who recently played Vicky Kaushal’s mother in Govinda Naam Mera, tells us that she is “very picky” when it comes to performing on the big screen because she wants to make a difference.

“The truth is that I want whatever roles are offered to me to make a difference in the script. It’s not the length that determines whether or not I’ll do the film, but whether or not the film can be made without that character. It must be relevant to either the plot or the character’s emotional arc. In that sense, yes, I’m picky,” she says.

Shahane adds that it also depends on the people she likes to collaborate with when it comes to other factors that matter. “You spend so much time and invest so much in a particular subject, and if it doesn’t see the light of day, then you feel shattered. So, whoever you’re working with has to see the project through,” the actor says, adding that she doesn’t care about things like which production house or banner is backing the film.

The Tribhanga director, on the other hand, remains unable to grasp the audition process, preferring instead frequent interactions with the directors, which ultimately aid in bagging and understanding the role.

“As an actor, I believe it is critical to develop a character. And that evolves through discussions with directors, until you reach a certain point, which does not happen during an audition. They (auditions) are very raw, and not enough about the character is revealed. Directors aren’t even present to guide you. I just think it’s a cold way of doing things,” She says.

“Shashank did take my reading, and it wasn’t an audition as such,” the actor says of her recent web film with director Shashank Khaitan. But he insisted on me reading the script with my input. It’s easier for me to build the character, emote, and deliver what’s expected of me once he tells me what he wants.”

She will next be seen with Anushka Sharma in Chakda ‘Xpress. Speaking further about the audition process, she reveals that she met with film director Prosit Roy several times before even going to the point of look test.

“I had conversations with people about the character, and it really helped. As a result, when you arrive on set, it is easier to put yourself in the shoes of the character. In contrast, auditions provide only half-baked knowledge that is unsatisfying. “That’s why I haven’t cracked them yet,” she concludes.




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