“Rick & Morty” is adapted by HBO Max into an anime series

‘Rick & Morty: The Anime’ was released by HBO Max in partnership with Adult Swim and Telecom Animation Films. The online streaming platform unveiled a lot of information about new projects yesterday, and one of them was a poster for ‘Rick & Morty: The Anime,’ which showed the animated version of eccentric scientist Rick Sanchez and his nephew Morty. The same poster had been shared on HBO Max’s Twitter account, too.


HBO Max ordered Adult Swim to work on the Rick & Morty anime project in 2022. The character design is almost identical to that of the 2020 anime short Rick and Morty Vs. Genocider, according to the revelation and a prior Adult Swim short movie. Takashi Sano, the director of Tower of God, was also reported to be returning for this series.

This anime series has been set up to benefit from Rick & Morty’s global success. HBO withheld any narrative details, so curious viewers will have to wait until the show premieres. Fans are also eagerly anticipating the anime’s recreation of some classic scenes while maintaining a completely original storyline.

With this classic sitcom structure, TV show makers from the United States to Japan will gather in one space to swap ideas and create increasingly popular TV programmes. On the day it debuts, HBO Max and Disney+ will have this series available for binge-watching.