‘Rockstar’ Anirudh has joined actor Kavin’s next project

Kavin has completed his next project following the critical and commercial success of his recent romantic drama, ‘Dada’. He will collaborate with choreographer-actor Sathish, who will direct this new film. The film will also feature music by Rockstar Anirudh Ravichander.

“The film will be a contemporary, urban romance that follows in the lines of Pyaar Prema Kaadhal,” a source from the film’s production team says. Anirudh, a close friend of Sathish’s, has agreed to compose music for this project, which will be funded by Raahul, who previously produced Veetla Vishesham.

The creators hope to open in April. “The team is currently looking for a heroine to play Kavin’s romantic interest. “Once that is finalized, the film will go into production sometime next month,” the source adds.

Dada has a simple and direct plot that is told in a natural manner. The film’s strengths are the exciting performances of Kavin and Aparna Das, along with the emotions. The first half of the film is extremely good, but the second hour drags. Those looking for sensible dramas should watch Dada.

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