Romancham: A group of friends that entertain us with amusing situations

Romancham, a movie that was highly anticipated by the audience, meets the viewers’ expectations. The humor that surrounds the horror film’s scary elements is what makes the film more interesting.

The producer of the film, Johnpaul George, released a letter yesterday stating the film’s release, and it says that the ticket that was wasted on “Guppy,” his directorial film, can be made useful by this movie, and this has been proven true to the words said.

The film is based on true events that occurred in the lives of seven bachelors in Bangalore in 2007 after they played the Ouija board and the events that followed.

The film carries on with the humor and thrilling chills between the friends that play the ouija board for fun.

A thriller in a horror comedy mood follows a group of young people living together in Bangalore as they play the Ouija board game one day, and the events that follow are the overall theme of the movie. The genius of director Jithu Madhavan lies in presenting the story very convincing way. The situational comedy has worked well in the script without being too loud. There are many comedy scenes in the movie that make us laugh out loud. The film doesn’t try to overdo things or create unnecessarily complicated scenes.

The film succeeds by presenting the plot clearly. Soubin Shahir played the unchallenging character really well. The rest of the cast also made us feel like they belonged to the characters. Arjun Ashokan’s best performance can also be seen in the movie. Sushin Shyam’s excellent songs and background music and Sanu Tahir’s visuals set the mood for the storytelling. Romancham is a great entertainer that doesn’t lag anywhere.