Seven years of “Darvinte parinamam”

Jijo Antony, who also directed ‘Konthayum Poonoolum,’ Prithviraj’s star power was felt throughout the film, including the title role played by Chemban Vinod, various posters, Soubin Shahir in a different role, music director Shankar Sharma carrying on a younger mannerism, and cinematographer Abhinand Ramanujam. As a result, there are many outstanding artists on the cast and crew.

Anil Anto’s life is unintentionally ruined by Gorilla Darwin, a don in Kochi, and his gang.
Anil uses a baited trap to challenge Darwin. Darwin’s evolution occurs as a result of that. Afterwards, both of their lives changed and underwent transformations. The concept that whoever earns it will live longer is the basis of the movie. The villain posing as the story’s hero is another unique aspect of this movie. 
Struggles and difficulties make one stronger. Compared to all the characters Prithviraj has played, Anil Anto is entirely different.

Jijo Antony is a director whose filmography is so different that none of his productions are alike.