She has an Intense Personality .. Sanjjanaa Galrani

She is bold, she is flamboyant and she is amazingly beautiful. Sanjjanaa started her acting career at a very young age and at 16 she made her film debut as an actress. She has acted in more than 45 South Indian Films and is fluent in all the 4 languages.
Her strength is social media visibility and capability to perform and excel in challenging roles which has kept her successful in her career over the years. She is now looking forward to venturing into Bollywood and also the Web Series with reputed projects. She was last seen in Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, an Indian dating reality show on Colors TV. The show has been temporarily shut down because of the spread of the COVID-19, until further notice by the government.


Sanjjanaa talks to Maxxo about her life and COVID-19…

Q. How has your journey been in Mujhse Shaadi Karogi?
Sanjjanaa: Mujhse Shaadi Karogi is my 1st national show produced by the Big Boss producers. It was a big success and I’m very happy that I got such a big show. This is my 1st achievement nationally.
Q. Nikki has inked your name on her back and your tattoo on the wrist says ‘Never Give Up’ — the special bond you share with her…
Sanjjanaa: We have always been there for each other. Nikki is very close to me and I’m very proud of her. She got very lucky in the Tamil and Malayalam industry, where I’m known as Nikki’s sister Sanjjana. Whereas I came into the industry first. And in the Kannada and Telugu industry Nikki is known as Sanjjana’s sister. I’m happy that both the sisters are the whole of the South Indian Film Industry.
About the tattoo … one day without asking anyone in the house she went and tattooed my name on her back. That was really sweet of her. My tattoo which says ‘Never Give Up’ is the attitude of my life and I would like to convey the same to the world.
Q. Where are you at present and how is the situation in your place due to COVID -19…
Sanjjanaa: I’m at home in Bangalore. The situation here is in control and I’m in quarantine, respecting the government rules.

Q.  How are you spending your lockdown days?
Sanjjanaa: Umm … I’m working on my new found love for a beautiful instrument. I’m learning to play guitar in my quarantine, from my neighbour. I am making full use of the quarantine time by fulfilling my long time wish to learn to play guitar. And I’m eating healthy and taking rest. I have also been doing many Instagram stories, videos and even LIVE videos when it comes to fitness, I want to motivate people through it.
Q. What do you have to say about social distancing, quarantine and self isolation?
Sanjjanaa: This particular situation should not go out of hand. We should strictly follow and respect the law of the government. People must sanitize their hands and their living areas regularly. We have to stand united to defeat this pandemic. Meanwhile everyone should pick up a hobby to kill this uncertain time. It keeps the brain engaged. Stay Home, Stay Safe.
Q. How has COVID -19 affected the entertainment industry?
Sanjjanaa: Everything is on a standstill. The people from the industry at least have the luxury of a life with food and shelter. I worry about the common man who is a daily wage worker, who has to fight for his needs every day. They don’t have food to eat or meet their daily requirements.
Q. Your views on how PM Modi is taking care of our nation now?
Sanjjanaa: Our PM Modi has the strongest influence in the country. He has done a very good thing by controlling the virus in every possible way by passing strong rules. If the situation gets out of hand and India being the second most populated country in the world, people here would die like mosquitoes and the scenario can be very depressing. So whatever is happening is happening for good and for our betterment. I really respect Modi ji from my heart.
Q. Upcoming Projects
Sanjjanaa: Jannat in Malayalam, Boxer in Tamil with Arun Vijay and 2 Web Series – one for Amazon and another for Hotstar