Sidharth Malhotra opens up about “being Majnu”

Bollywood actor Sidharth Malhotra shares about his new movie “Mission Majnu” in a recent interview, where he plays a spy for the country. Sidharth wants to start 2023 with a bang as his last movie, “Shershaah” was widely accepted.

He revealed that his grandfather was from the Army, and it may be his blessings that he is playing all the armed forces who are fighting for the country. When asked about special agencies, Sidharth stated that every agency that work for the country to get intelligence from across the border is very important. Even if their attempts are successful, they never claim it. Their names, identity won’t be revealed, and they may even don’t know the actual details of the mission. Maybe years later people would talk about mission that happen now. While “Shershaah” talked about Captian Vikram Batra who worked for the army, “Mission Majnu” talks about the unsung heroes who can never be named, who are in a much more dangerous situation, as a single mistake like revealing name could be life threatening.

Mission Majnu is his first retro film, from 1970’s with different styling, and language. Even if the movie is inspired by true events, it cannot be considered as a documentary. The movie has commercial elements of song, Rashmika’s character, their family and what happens in their family etc. It also has a mix of India-Pakistan politics.

1970’s was a period without any technologies. The spies had to use their eyes, and ears to fetch information from different sources. Sidharth finds it fascinating and finds it as his only chance to play such a character. He also adds on that it was very challenging to recreate the body-language of a tailor.

Sidharth also opened up about his 11 years long journey in the film industry. He stated that nothing has changed, except his experiences and with “Shershaah” his creative talent has improved. Even though he is satisfied, he is hungry for more stories. Sid has become pickier with his scripts and is more involved in the art than ever before. He is a little more safety conscious, since he feels that it doesn’t have to get personal.

He concluded the interview by uncovering that he does not know his long-term plans, but direction and production are definitely in his bucket-list.

“Mission Majnu” release on January 19th, through Netflix.