Singer Benny Dayal Gets Hurt by a Drone During His Live Concert in Chennai

Singer Benny Dayal, best known for his hit songs such as Let’s Nacho, Lat Lag Gayee, and Badtameez Dil, was struck by a drone camera that was filming him during a live performance at Chennai’s Vellore Institute of Technology.

A video of the incident has gone viral on the internet, capturing the exact moment when the singer was hit by the drone. Benny can be seen in the video performing the upbeat track ‘Urvashi Urvashi’ while the crowd cheers for him.

A drone was seen flying around him and hitting him on the back of his head while he was busy entertaining the crowd. The singer swatted it away and quickly dove, not realizing what it was, but it left him with several injuries. The organizers took the singer aside and attended to his wounds.

Later, Benny posted a video on his social media account informing his followers about the incident. He stated that he had a back of the head injury and that two of his fingers were completely bruised.

The singer stated, “The drone fans hit and bruised the back of my head. Two of my fingers were severely bruised. That’s all right. I think I’m going to recover much faster from this.”

Benny also urged all other musicians to include a clause in their contracts requiring event organizers to hire professional drone operators. “All artists from here on out, make sure you have a clause in your technical writer’s contract saying that the drone cannot come that close to any artist while they are performing because your movement and their movement cannot be coordinated because you have a specific person working with you on drones,” he requested. “Please all colleges, companies, show or event organizers, please get a certified drone operator because it’s very dangerous. “The individual should be qualified to operate a drone,” the singer added.

“We are all artists, but we’re only singing on stage. We are not Vijay, Ajay, Salman Khan, Prabhas, or any other action star. You are not required to perform all of those stunts. Simply put on a regular show. We simply want to look nice. It should not have come so close to injuring the artist.” he concluded.

Soon after Benny Dayal posted the video to his Instagram account, several of his industry colleagues and fans expressed their concern in the comments section. “Man, this is messed up,” Armaan Malik wrote. Ben, get well soon!” Shirley Setia also said, “Omgg!! It had to have been shortly after we met. Take care, Benny, and I hope you get better soon!”

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