Sooryavanshi receives positive reviews


Reports and current following according to our sources from all major multiplexes and single screens the nation over stakes Sooryavanshi for a day 1 film industry assortment miles in front of anything that any Bollywood film has gathered during the pandemic and at standard for certain tremendous openings during pre-pandemic occasions.Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif starrer Sooryavanshi . It is almost after two years when we all can go to the theatres and watch our favourite films. The coronavirus pandemic had shut down all theatres in the country. Now, finally, things are getting back to normal and films are back in theatres. And it was Sooryavanshi’s responsibility to bring back the fun that theatres used to be in the past. Sooryavanshi has done it. Yes, Sooryavanshi receives positive reviews has received all positive response from the audience and people are loving it. The reviews by critics and the audience are all positive. People are celebrating and happily enjoying the movie. The craze for the film is such that people are dancing outside the theatres and even brought garlands for the movie poster. People are talking about it on social media and praising Sooryavanshi. People have declared it a sure-shot smash hit.

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