Strawberry Skin During Winter Can Be Kept in Check

Though winter season gets you all hyped up for the various upcoming merriments, it might not be a very good time for your skin.

Chicken skin is a common skin disease also called strawberry skin. Let us not be deceived by the deliciousness of its name, It is not as good as it sounds. It can be very irritating especially during the winter season.

Like the name denote, it is a severe skin disease with itchy, red, spotted patches of skin on hands and legs and other areas on your body. It is commonly found among women who shave and wax frequently. It can also be genetic. Dandruff can also contribute to it’s severity.

Chicken skin forms when the hair follicles get blocked by oil, bacteria and dead skin, which are unable to come out. This forms dark spots that have a dotted and pitted appearance and get red in color when agitated.

Chicken skin can get worse during the winter when the humidity is very low. In summer, due to moisture, it gets better but the dotted and pitted skin is always present.

However, the good news is that chicken skin can be regulated by proper moisturization during the cold season.

Tips for keeping chicken skin in control:

1. Bathe in lukewarm water and limit the time used during bathing.
2. Treat your skin with care and don’t use very harsh soaps.
3. Whenever using creams, use keratolytic cream which has urea, lactic acid and salicylic        acid. We use these products along with moisturizers to help soften the skin.
4. If you’re working out, don’t use synthetic clothes as it will further aggravate it.
5. Avoid scrubbing or using loofas while bathing. It’s like shaving or waxing.
6. Make sure the skin is hydrated and use a lot of moisturising in this weather.

These tips can be very helpful in controlling your chicken skin and keeping your skin healthy.


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