Taaruk Raina has released his debut single, ‘Narazi’

Taaruk Raina, the actor-musician who won people’s hearts with his soulful song ‘Kho Gaye’ from the web series Mismatched Season 2 (2022), recently released his first solo single ‘Narazi.’

The 28-year-old is a self-proclaimed pop music fan, citing John Mayer, Adele, and Justin Timberlake as some of his biggest musical influences. “I want to tell stories through music and have people experience and visualize a song with music,” he says when asked about his creative process.

That’s exactly what he does with Narazi, a personal ballad about loss and reconciliation. Taruk drew inspiration for the track, which was a long time in the making, from his own experiences in relationships, whether with family, lovers, or friends.

“Things are always difficult to say and are left unsaid at some point. That’s a major reason why things can’t be resolved, and you can’t move on,” he says.

Raina, who is no stranger to industry stumbling blocks, insists he is not deterred and intends to make it big in the music industry while accepting that the road to the top will be difficult.

“It’s difficult to break into the music industry. It’s difficult to know where to go if you don’t know anyone. But at some point, you overcome these obstacles and realize that you don’t need anyone,” he says, adding, “Thanks to the times we live in, things have gotten a lot easier in the independent space, at least logistically. You can upload your own music, record, and create videos.”

The impact of social media and technology on the music industry is a hotly debated topic, but Raina has a unique perspective. “Social media has undoubtedly helped me promote my music and connect with fans, but I also believe that one should not rely entirely on it. Music is more than just content; it is a feeling, an expression, and it is timeless,” he claims.

Raina understands the power and importance of live music in a world where the role of technology in the music industry is constantly evolving. “There’s nothing like performing on stage in front of an audience. That’s a completely different ballgame,” he concludes.


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