The first promo song from “Iratta” is out 

The first promo song for the duo starring Joju George is out. The song “Enthinadi Poonkuyile” is rearranged and produced by Jakes Bejoy. Manikandan Perumpadappu wrote and composed the song, which was sung by Benedict Shine and Joju George. The film is expected to hit theatres on February 3.

Joju George will be seen in a double role for the first time. Joju is seen as twin brothers Vinod and Pramod in this film. The movie is a police crime investigation thriller with a lot of suspense hidden in it. Rohit MG Krishnan is the director of the film. Tamil-Malayalam actress Anjali will play the female lead in the film.

‘Iratta’ is produced by Appu Pathu Pappu Productions, and Martin Prakkat Films and Sijo Vadakkan are producing the film. The trailer confirms that Joju George, who has already won state and national awards, will reach another turning point in his career. It can be said without a doubt that Joju, who has played police roles in many movies, will have another powerful police role in his career.

Apart from Joju George, Anjali, Srinda, Arya Salim, Sreekanth Murali, Sabumon, and Abhiram are also playing the other main characters in the movie ‘Iratta’. Vijay, who has worked with Sameer Tahir, Shaiju Khalid, and Girish Gangadharan in the field of cinematography, is the DOP of Iratta. The music is directed by Jakes Bijo, and Manu Antony is the editor of the film. Vijay is handling the cinematography for the film.


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